1. Before we use plastic welding gun, we have to do the pre-operation inspection. We have to make sure that Barrel gun nozzle screws are not loose or fall off, the power cord is intact.

It must be handled with care, so as not to damage the inside of the heat-resistant ceramic article torch 2. When using the torch.

3. Note that the welding process muzzle and tip not to be too close to the body parts, clothing, and torch power cable to avoid burns and burn dissolve the power cord.

4. other purposes is strictly prohibited to use the gun as a hair dryer and so on.

5. must be based on the thickness of the workpiece and the size of gun power, ready to adjust regulator, prohibited the gun tube burned overheating.

6. The welding process, such as the sound of the gun appear abnormal phenomenon, immediately turn off the power or gun.

7. When the welding is completed, the gun must be closed in the correct order of operations. The torch light up on the table, to avoid contact with the pipette tip plastic plate and power cord. The regulator to zero position, to maintain sufficient cooling time, to avoid damaging the torch.

8. After the plastic gun to be cooling off the power, clean the workplace, all the tools and materials put away.