The applications of Geomembrane welding machine:

Geomembrane welding machine is able to meet with the different thickness of the geomembrane, drainage board welding, and it is suitable for PE, PVC, HDPE, EVA, PP and all hot-melt materials to weld. The thickness of Welding is between 0.2mm and 3.0mm, different thickness of the film using different types of welding machine.

  1. the scope of application

This kind of welding machine has a good performance, and it is easy for operation. It not only has a high speed when it works, but also has a good quality. It is widely used in highways, tunnels, bridges, reservoirs, constructions, artificial lakes, swimming pools, ponds, landfills and other water projects.

    2.the characteristic

2.1.The PID temperature control system adopts imported temperature sensor and industrial control chip, for the temperature is more accurate to control, and more stable.

2.2. When the PWM broadband speed control system is operating, it won’t be affected by other current wave. When it works with a special torque motor, it can work stably.

2.3.The improved roller material adopts upper and lower roller system, which is much more heatable and wearproof.

2.4 It using a unique formula of copper alloy hot knife, which greatly extend the service life.


The functions of Geomembrane welding machine.

  1. Electric heating system: the control of electric wedge heating temperature using closed-loop, the adjustment of temperature can be continuous. According to the thickness of the material, it can adjust to the appropriate pressure position for welding.
  2. The adjustment of welding pressure system can be adjusted continuously.
  3. The transmission system using the upper and lower roller synchronous drive wheel, and variable speed control of electronic. The automatic control system is equipped with a tachogenerator to adjust the welding speed for a constant level, and it can not affected by the changing of load. The power is transmitted to the drive / pinch by three stage planetary gears.
  4. The motor drive has a huge output, and it walks smoothly. It can hold a constant speed when it crawling and loading.