There always have some customers to ask about the working of geomembrane welding machine. Today, I’ll introduce how to operate the heat welding machine briefly to you. There must have the professional guidance when it is operating. In order to solve additional question, we will know some key points about welding firstly.

In order to heat the machine, we should focus on whether the temperature is rising or not after the boot.

The operation must be carefully, and we need to be quickly when we insert the film into the welder.

During the welding, workers have to pay attention to the situation of the gap and adjust the speed of the welding for making sure the quality.

Workers must keep the welding gap straightly and softly. We should take measures to avoid mistakes. When faced some accidents, we have to stop working to make sure that there is no trouble in the film.

Workers and assistants must take the safe belt and stand on the soft ladder when working on a slope, which was sloped than one to three.

When working on steep slopes or vertical surfaces, the operator shall take the safe belt and work in the basket or on the ladder. To ensure the safety and accuracy, workers should take some immobilization to control the machine.

The workers must control the current to keep it between 209 and 231.If there exist some accidents, we must stop it and check it up.

The HDPE worker in environment engineering operation must be a professional one, who is a intermediate or senior worker.  A professional one must help and guide a primary worker. To make sure the safety, a  monitor  need to sign the warrant.

According to the condition, two or three people will make up a group, and one of them must be a professional one when engaged in the heat welding.