Geomembrane construction are very strict in technical requirements. Geomembrane welding machine is one of welding equipment.

The materials that geomembrane welding machine could welding is that : HDPE, PE-C, PP, LDPE and groove geomembrane, impermeable membrane. And it is mechatronics design, small size, light weight, has a good job in the Field of operability. In the subdivision there are three types, namely leister double seam welding machine, seam welding machine and single leister leister hot wedge welder.

Geomembrane welding machine can be used in many occasions: landfill seepage, waste sewage pools, public works, building foundation geomembrane, tunnel waterproof, waterproof lining mines, reservoirs, irrigation canals, dams impermeable membrane, aquaculture ponds, pool lining, tank seepage, chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks.

It runs at 280 ~ 300 ℃, the traveling speed 2 ~ 3m / min, in the form of double-welded bead.

Geomembrane welding machine is divided into three categories:

First, the electric heating system: electric heating wedge closed-loop temperature control, temperature can be adjusted continuously. To the position corresponding pressure welding adjust the thickness of the material needed.

Second, the welding pressure regulation system: continuous adjustment.

Third, the transmission system: upper and lower pressure roller wheel synchronous drive, electronic continuously variable control. Automatic control system with tachogenerator adjusted welding speed remains constant regardless of load change impacts. Transmitted through the three planetary gear reducer power to drive / pressure roller.