Geomembrane welding machine is a new generation of automatic crawling welding products to meet the different thickness of geomembrane welding, waterproof board works.

Good high speed welding machine geomembrane welding quality, widely used in highways, tunnels, bridges, reservoirs, buildings, artificial lakes, bridges, swimming pools, ponds, landfills, basement waterproofing. With easy to carry, easy to operate, energy efficient, durable characteristics. With the plastic welding equipment company Geomembrane welding machine developed a unique recipe of copper alloy heat carve knife, greatly extended service life and improved special upper and lower pressure roller material, more temperature, more wearable. Use PWM broadband speed control system, running from the impact of external power supply fluctuations, with a special big torque motor, so that crawling is more stable. The PID temperature control system is the use of imported industrial temperature sensors and control chip, allowing more precise temperature control than other geomembrane welding machine.[/fusion_text]