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How to Operate Geomembrane Welder

There always have some customers to ask about the working of geomembrane welding machine. Today, I’ll introduce how to operate the heat welding machine briefly to you. There must have the professional guidance when it is operating. In order to solve additional question, we will know some key points about welding firstly. In order to [...]

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Technical Guidance of Geomembrane Welding Machine (1)

The applications of Geomembrane welding machine: Geomembrane welding machine is able to meet with the different thickness of the geomembrane, drainage board welding, and it is suitable for PE, PVC, HDPE, EVA, PP and all hot-melt materials to weld. The thickness of Welding is between 0.2mm and 3.0mm, different thickness of the film using different [...]

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Application of geomembrane in Reservoir

Reservoir construction also need to use the geomembrane, so geomembrane welding machine is necessary. Summary of earth dam reinforcement program, usually conducted Seepage using methods Heightening thick dam, laying geomembrane, filling grouting, but common scenarios are: jet grouting, split grouting, concrete proof seepage wall, M7.5 mortar rubble masonry surface layer of the block grant and [...]

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Features & Application Of Geomembrane Welding Machine

Geomembrane welding machine is a new generation of automatic crawling welding products to meet the different thickness of geomembrane welding, waterproof board works. Good high speed welding machine geomembrane welding quality, widely used in highways, tunnels, bridges, reservoirs, buildings, artificial lakes, bridges, swimming pools, ponds, landfills, basement waterproofing. With easy to carry, easy to operate, [...]

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How To Assure The Quality Of Geomembrane Construction

Geomembrane construction must have quality assurance, or casually on this end, this is certainly not acceptable. Even construction program geomembrane welding machine should be thoroughly implemented, otherwise nothing of the usual quality benefits.  Construction Quality Control Points geomembrane 1, when the slope cutting, must be thoroughly cleaned grass, roots and all sharp hard object, [...]

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Geomembrane welding machine could be divided to different categories based on function

Geomembrane construction are very strict in technical requirements. Geomembrane welding machine is one of welding equipment. The materials that geomembrane welding machine could welding is that : HDPE, PE-C, PP, LDPE and groove geomembrane, impermeable membrane. And it is mechatronics design, small size, light weight, has a good job in the Field of operability. In [...]

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How to use plastic welding gun

1. Before we use plastic welding gun, we have to do the pre-operation inspection. We have to make sure that Barrel gun nozzle screws are not loose or fall off, the power cord is intact. It must be handled with care, so as not to damage the inside of the heat-resistant ceramic article torch 2. [...]

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Are Geomembranes Impermeable?

It must be recognized that nothing is absolutely impermeable, according to Ian Peggs, I-CORP INTERNATIONAL, Inc., GEOMEMBRANE LINER DURABILITY: CONTRIBUTING FACTORS AND THE STATUS QUO paper. Principal and materials scientist/engineer Dr. Ian D. Peggs has been working with polymers and composites in the field and in the laboratory for over 25 years. What does this [...]

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