Geomembrane construction must have quality assurance, or casually on this end, this is certainly not acceptable. Even construction program geomembrane welding machine should be thoroughly implemented, otherwise nothing of the usual quality benefits. 
Construction Quality Control Points geomembrane
1, when the slope cutting, must be thoroughly cleaned grass, roots and all sharp hard object, to prevent injury is geomembrane. Dipo soft parts should be excavated backfill compaction.
2, the upper and lower cushion must find laying flat tapped.
3, in order to ensure the quality of welding geomembrane, geomembrane to weld surface clean. According to the temperature and wind direction and speed at any time to adjust the welding temperature and welding speed lines; always remove the residue and hot wedge welding rubber tire surface on the adhesion of geomembrane material to keep the surface clean; when welding flat substrate must be hard, fight lap joints must find a smooth surface to prevent wrinkles uneven weld.
4, under the cushion smooth, can not have raised folds.
5, laying on the cushion layer and the level of security filled with concrete anchor end, the damage can not geomembrane.
6, the site must be approved by the supervising engineer acceptance approvals prior to the next process of construction after the completion of each process.