Reservoir construction also need to use the geomembrane, so geomembrane welding machine is necessary.

Summary of earth dam reinforcement program, usually conducted Seepage using methods Heightening thick dam, laying geomembrane, filling grouting, but common scenarios are: jet grouting, split grouting, concrete proof seepage wall, M7.5 mortar rubble masonry surface layer of the block grant and the like.

Geomembrane impermeable geomembrane is a new technology, because film is a flexible geomembrane, can better adapt to dam subsidence, deformation and membrane impermeable good performance, ideal for dam seepage . Since the slope of the reservoir slope ratio was 1: 2 or more, therefore, slope stability is not a problem itself. After more than four ways relatively safe, according to Dayton countersink reservoir located relatively remote mountainous area, the actual situation is not conducive for transportation, while the reservoir to ensure that farmland irrigation and drinking water for too long venting capacity, should be resumed as soon as possible the role of the reservoir. We decided geomembrane seepage treatment.