About Us

BESTGEOMEME located in Shanghai And Jiangu China ,was active in the geomembrane welding machine field since 2003 and since then has a track record of continuous growth and a gained one of leadership in the market. Over the years, our company has established itself as a reliable and credible partner in the business, holds a wide range of product and service portfolio, which includes everything related to medical gas supply systems. Our staff with a wide range of knowledge and extensive experience in the geomembrane industry. we established effective management system using efficient materials to control quantity for geomemebrane welding equipment .

Our value is time savings, safety and reduced costs for each client .


BESTGEOMEMBRANE is a continual improvement process via below quality management system standard .
– ISO 9001: Quality management systems
– ISO 13485: Quality management system
– 93/42/EC
– CE standard
– SGS standard

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