Established in 2003, BESTGEOMEM has been focusing on plastic welding equipment and process technology. Our professional and aspiring team has made a number of milestones in designing machines for plastic welding.
We are committed to providing advanced plastic welding equipment and total solutions for our customers. As the most qualified Chinese partner in plastics welding equipment, ABC We’ve Earned The Trust Of Over 1,350 Companies by educating our clients and averting potential troubles through our experience we can help in many facets.
We can be reached via email, telephone, and fax. We are bilingual, easily accessible and readily available. Always glad to help you in your endeavors.

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Very Satisfied with Pricing and Quality- Would definitely do business with BESTGEOMEM again. BESTGEOGEM geomembrane welding machine help us save 30% cost. It’s a good number for cost containment.
MISS li, CEO of CRH Co., Ltd
BESTGEOMEM ‘s geomembrane welding machine has excellent productivity. The quality and stability is beyond my expectation. I have to say BESTGEOMEM is a good partner.
Mr. Ju, Production Manager of APL Co.,Ltd
BESTGEOMEM is one company that is always ready to walk that extra mile to optimize customer satisfaction. I adore their hardworking and dedicated team that is very efficient, experienced, helpful and informative.
Mr. Lee, CEO of AMC Co.,Ltd

We’ve earned the trust of over 1,350 companies